So how does it work?

What a woman eats in the weeks immediately prior to conception plays an important role in determining the sex of her baby. By consciously adhering to a well planned preconception diet, a woman can increase her chances of conceiving a baby of the sex she desires.

Any method by which the sex of the body can be selected before the onset of pregnancy is called pre conceptional sex selection. Out of the several methods that were used over decades, the only method time tested and almost sure method is sex selection by ionic equilibrium, i.e. modification of diet before pregnancy.Tissues are made up of cells that have structures called "receptors." The activity of these receptors are influenced by changes in the ionic concentrations of the surrounding bodily environment. Varying the ratio of sodium and potassium to calcium and magnesium plays an important role in gender determination.

Program Details

Our specialty Boy and Girl Gender diets have been designed to alter your body chemistry prior to conception. The Diet needs to be followed for at least 4-6 weeks prior to the month you plan on conceiving. Each Diet includes a 14 day meal plan. Each daily meal plan has been specially formulated by a team of professional, qualified clinicians, specializing in gender selection and nutrition. Careful research and planning is paramount in designing a well balanced diet while achieving the necessary body chemistry changes required for preconception gender selection. The daily menus include suggested meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Beverages for a 14 day cycle. The 14 day diet cycle should be repeated until conception is confirmed. Once conception is confirmed the Gender Diet should be discontinued.

The Next Step!

The Diet needs to be followed for at least 4-6 weeks prior to the month you plan on conceiving- so purchase early! You will download the Gender Diet, directly from the website, immediately after payment has been received so you can get started right away. The Supplement Packs are sold separately and are delivered via USPS Priority mail. As with any diet, we suggest you consult with your physician before beginning the program.




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