Conceive a Girl- Diet and Ovulation Timing

To help plan to conceive a girl, the experts at, have designed a program that is all natural, easy to follow, and scientifically proven. The Girl Diet alone has been proven to increase your chances to conceive a girl, coupled with ovulation timing, the chances are even greater. How to conceive a girl at first glance, can seem intimidating, but has simplified the program and taken the guesswork out of what to eat and what day of the month would be best to try to conceive a girl. The Girl Diet Method is the most complete program, and teaches you how to conceive a girl, through diet and ovulation timing.

How Do I Determine When I Ovulate?

Determining when you ovulate is important because it helps you pinpoint the best days of the month for you to conceive a girl.

In order to observe the right timing for ovulation periods, the following methods are used.

1. Charting the Mucus of the Cervix – The cervical mucus is important as this is the pathway where the sperm travels as it enters the mother’s womb.  Cervical mucus appears to be elastic and watery before the ovulation period. In form, it looks just like a raw egg white. The changes in cervical fluid help a woman determine when she is ovulating.

2. Basal Body Temperature – The basal body temperature uses a basal thermometer to track down bodily changes. Any particular drop in the temperature may already indicate that the woman has started to ovulate. These temperature fluctuations are helpful in confirming ovulation has passed.

3. Ovulation Predictor Kit – Similar to a home pregnancy pregnancy test, the ovulation predictor will indicate when you are ovulating, by testing for the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), found in your urine. Once the LH hormone is detected, via a positive test result, you can be sure you are ovulating with 24 hours. offers scientifically formulated meal plans and outlines ovulation timing instructions. The Girl Diet includes all the needed information to prepare and guide you in following the correct plan and procedure on how to conceive a girl.




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