How to Conceive a Planned Baby Boy

Scientific studies have continuously proven that diet, prior to conception, can influence the baby's gender. Many parents wonder, how can I conceive a baby boy through diet? There are important things that must be considered first and these facts are certainly worth the effort.

How to Conceive a Boy Baby – The Scientific Background

The first thing you need to know is how is gender determined? To do this you must begin with the root of the baby's development: the fertilization process. The union of the father's sperm and the mother's egg is what starts off that option to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. At the heart of it all are the interplay of chromosomes X and Y. The female's egg is generally composed of the X chromosomes, while it is the male sperm that can either have the Y chromosome or the X chromosome in it. But the sad thing is that the Y chromosome, though faster in speed, is ironically weaker in resisting challenging environments than the X chromosome.
Y chromosomes can get immediately washed off in the vaginal area of the mother or if they luckily make it to the mother's egg, the acidity levels of the womb can completely destroy them. So even if they have already reached the egg and embedded themselves into it, their development may be halted by acidic levels and once they are destroyed, the X chromosomes found on the egg's make up will takeover and therefore conceive a baby girl.

The Next Steps on How to Conceive a Boy

Because the development of the Y chromosome is usually set off on more sensitive grounds due to acid levels, it is important that a soon to be expecting mom change her pH level and control it to set favorable conditions for a baby boy. The Boy Diet includes foods rich in alkaline because this helps tone down acid levels and notably alkaline also provides a favorable environment to let the Y chromosome develop.
With the pH level in place, you will now have to begin sorting your food groups. The challenge of how to conceive a boy actually depends with you eating all the foods, outlined in the Boy Diet  plan, especially during the first three months before conception. This is also the reason why those who wanted to plan the sex of their child must do so beforehand and not during the pregnancy itself. Once you begin with the Boy Diet, you will be consuming more potassium and calcium-rich foods and will take mineral rich supplements to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.




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