The Power to Choose Your Baby's Gender

Choosing baby gender is now made possible. For expecting parents who just can't seem to bear the thought of waiting three months before they would finally know the sex of their child, here's a solution that has become a hot topic these days in the world of pregnancy because it seems impossible yet completely natural if implemented. These days, more and more experts are proving that the diet choice of a pregnant woman does a lot to influence the sex of the unborn child.
Sounds impossible right? But experts are proving that this is actually true. Studies are now being rolled out to try explaining this phenomenon. You will be surprised at how the little things you eat, before pregnancy, can affect your baby's sexual development. Surprisingly, this makes the task of having to choose baby gender much easier to make. All you have to do is follow a well designed meal plan, before pregnancyeat a few things and keep away from others so you can successfully choose baby gender and have a boy or a girl, depending on your own preference.

Why Food Matters

Scientists say that the ability to choose gender when an expecting mother is pregnant is actually highly dependent on the nutrition her body takes in. Apparently, this has got something to do with chromosomal development. The sperm only carries both the X and the Y chromosomes, but this does not necessarily mean that it will inevitably be male. The development of the fertilized egg and how the chromosomes would develop the foundations of the baby's sex will depend on the nutrients extracted from the food being eaten by the mother.
As this is the case, the woman now has the power to choose gender because the nutrients contained in the food she eats has the ability to influence the sexual development during the fertilization process. As these chromosomes are compared, it turns out that the X chromosome is more flexible than the Y chromosome, which is why boys are harder to create. The Y chromosome, which is the distinguishing feature of the male DNA, has higher chances of being eliminated especially in an acidic environment such as naturally experienced in the mother's womb.

Types of Diet that Affect Pregnancy

Because of these facts, more and more myths are being created and surprisingly followed by expecting moms who want to conceive a boy or a girl. But the secret behind choosing baby gender is to focus on the individual food that you eat rather than in food groups. After all, the nutrients are being absorbed by your body per food and not per food group. The important technical stuff you need to watch out for when controlling your baby's sex through diet are the following:

·        pH balance of the food
·        amount of calories consumed
·        macronutrients such as protein and fats
·        vitamins and minerals with alkaline content and potassium

Technique is also important when it comes to dieting for gender purposes. Food combinations may work to your advantage by canceling out the nutrients that might negatively influence the gender you want. A well designed meal plan, only found on is highly recommended for those wanting to take the guesswork out of the diet, and achieve the gender of their dreams.




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