I am a proud mother of two little girls, a nurse, and the owner of www.boygirldiet.com. I specialize in fertility and reproductive nursing, specifically gender selection. Through my years of practice, it was my job to provide education and support to individuals, couples, and families regarding fertility, pregnancy, prenatal health and gender selection options.

When I started working in this field, I was pregnant with my second child. My husband and I already had a daughter and although we most importantly wanted to have a healthy baby, I always wondered what it would be like to have another girl. I'm best friends with my sister, and I couldn't get it out of my mind that I wanted my daughter to have a sister too! With the Boy and Girl Gender Diet Plans, gender no longer has to be left to "chance", and now parents can choose what they want their next child to be.

I've always found gender selection an intriguing specialty and wanted to help other couples, attempting conception, to achieve the gender of their dreams. In my years of practice, patients would always ask me about the influence of diet and the effects it has on gender. Out of the several natural gender selection methods that were used over decades, the only method, proven through clinical research, is sex selection by ionic equilibrium, i.e. modification of diet before pregnancy. The internet is swarmed with diet "guidelines" or lists of foods to avoid to have a baby boy or girl. These lists and diet tips were certainly not sufficient information to properly alter the body chemistry necessary to influence gender. Along with a specialized team of specialists and nutritionists, we were able to design a preconception diet program that would influence gender and suit the needs of the modern family. We have simplified the process, without sacrificing the results. I am proud to be able to help families and always smile when I see the baby boy and girl photos sent in from happy families around the world!




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